Happiness the Buddhist way as seen by Yuval Noah Harari
Martina I like nearly everything about Buddhism. I like its philosophy I like enigmatic Buddha statues, I like all the cultural side and I’m a bit asianized due to my frequent visits to Bali, Singapore and other Asian countries around the region. Also Australian say sometimes that Australia is part of Asia but other countries in the region are suspicious. I don’t believe in the main doctrine of Buddhism which is rebirth (recarnation is in Hinduism). So I like meditation, living in the present moment, mindfulness. But I’m still a bit catholic . So it is strange combination.
But I don’t like C because he had really painful life as he had many diseases. In the end he got syphilism. So he was hardly any superman so the philosophy he created is contradictory to himself. What is the main difference between his philosophy(which you like better) and the one of Buddhism? I know that Nietzsche didn’t intend for his philosophy to be opportunistilly used by Nazis but it did happen. So I don’t like him because of that as well. And he was a German as well. Whenever I would go to Germany I always see and experience their exaggeration in many aspects. Have a nice Sunday. 🙂
By the way I like many things about Orthodox Christians but when I was in Greece in their churches on top of high mountains I saw terrible painted scenes of murders to inflict fear in the followers and to me it was execcive.