By training monkeys I mean Martina that lives of majority people is so much predictable.A lot of people do repetetive things in their jobs which kills their brains. As a consequence their thinkig is pretty primitive. One may feel sorry for them but it wouldn’t really help anything. There is massive production of a lot of rubbish which people buy and shortly after throw away. But we are told that it is necessary for the economy. There has to be consumptiom which drives the economy. These repetitive jobs are because of that demand on rubbish consumption. So if you don’t buy then these repetitive jobs wouldn’t exist but then unemployment will sky rocket
The other thing which worries me is We are told that the modern countries Of which their economies are based not on production but on providing only services. However recently they introduce services on top of some other services. So now you can be lazy and they will check the best prices of chosen hotel on all websites and tell you which website provides that chosen hotel the most cheap. But the consumer doesn’t realize that eventually that extra service will increase the prices. Also if there is exaggeration then evently it will end up like comunist’s economies.