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My main disbelieve in any god or God is the existence of suffering and I believe that if we assumed that God was perfect then there would be no room for suffering in the world. And that is why I’m attracted to Buddhist philosophy because it says that pure existence is enough for suffering to exist.  If you don’t want to suffer then don’t exist.

Still I don’t know any answer to the question why anything exists in the first place?

What I meant was Do they know that we know?  In terms of thinking it depends what one consider as  a thinking process is?

Is adaptation meant to be due to thinking or is it thinking itself?  I don’t think that it is meant to be so simple as to decide what thinking is.

Wheather something is simple or complex is hard for one to decide. Sometimes we think it is simple but later on we decide it was not as simple as we thought and then it appears to be quite complex.

If there was a  god (God?) then everything would have a touch of god which would mean that everything was perfect and that is what some Christians keep emphasising.  But that is a wrong answear and it surprise me that people believe it to be right. Most things in nature are imperfect and because of that there is huge load of suffering in the world. And  if there was a God I would have hoped he would hve made things better way . Because what is a point of this huge suffering in nature?

Over the years I considered diseases to be mostly physical but recently I start changing my mind. I’ve got a long track of self-medicating myself which I know that doctors immensely dislike.   I’ve got a history of my immune system playing up and know that it is connected to our emotional system as any other disease. However when our local Buddhist monk/abbot said he keeps suffering from his hay-fever I thought it didn’t  make sense. Because if you keep meditating and are peaceful then I thought you wouldn’t experience any hay-fever.

Also they say that experiencing pain is a good thing because it warns us that there is something wrong with us. So  then I thought taking Panadol=paracetamoll or panadeine = (paracetamall+codeine) is useless because you only fool the monitor=your brain instead of treating the real problem which is the disease causing the pain.

Obviously if there is no cure for the disease causing us pain then why suffer.. There is no cure so at least one can alleviate the discomfort which is the  pain. But all is not so simple. There are many small side-ways which can direct us into new ways of helping ourselves. As we know nothing is stable and viruses and bacterias evolve and are on a constant move. Something which helps us today  like certain  antibiotic may not do it so as tomorrow the bacteria may have changed its DNA.  So everything is on constant move which means we have to be constantly vigilant.  I don’t go to see GP very often. Mainly because I’m often disappointed.  Also the doctors know that most patients keep talking crap and usually exaggerate their symptoms.

Started reading that but don’t have enough patience. Have better books about Stalin. 🙂

W 1934 został aresztowany przez NKWD i zesłany na Syberię. Pod koniec zsyłki pracował jako pracownik transportowy. Podczas II wojny światowej pełnił funkcję dowódcy czołgu. Po wojnie rozpoczął działalność literacką.

Jego najpopularniejsze dzieło to powieść Dzieci Arbatu

Napewno ciekay wglad w psychike Stalina……troche czyta sie to jak komedie (oczywiscie makabryczna)

Bardzo polecam. Ciekawa ksiazka I podaje wiele faktow histori, o ktorych absolutnie nie wiedzialem.

Obecnie nie mozna robic jakichkolwiek planow wycieczkowych bo pogoda kazdego roku nie jest specjalnie powtarzalna , mowiac inaczej =nieprzewidywalna.  Przynajmniej dobrze ze jest niezbyt uciazliwa w miescie, w ktorym mieszkam na stale czyli w Perth, Zachodnia Australia. 🙂