Sources of PM2.5

PM2.5 can be found suspended in the air, including dust, dirt, smoke and liquid droplets. These fine particles come from man-made sources, such as the combustion of fossil fuels, open burning and industrial processes as well as natural ones, which include sea sprays and dust carried by strong winds.

Jeszcze nie dawno lekarze nie mieli swiadomosci ze cos takiego istnieje.

Zostawilem wlaczony klimatyzator na grzanie noca ilepiej sie wyspalem. Wiem ze to bedzie kosztowac i niektorzy moji znajomi wola marznac i dostac reumatyzmu. Ich sprawa. Jezeli cos -niezaleznie jak trywialne- ma przedluzyc moje zycie to jest warte tych pieniedzy. Nie wiem dlaczego ale z jakisc powodow mam zanizony stopien akceptowania niewygod. Moze dlatego ze moj ojciec byl w obozie i zwariowal jego sysem odpornosciowy

I find it hard not to associate things with certain pattern of thinking. For example I wake up depressed when the room is cold. Cold is unpleasant thing but its unpleasantness is not really something which one should  classify so dramatically negative. It must come from my father being in German Concentration Camp = they didn’t heat up the barracks in winter

Every day and every way I’m getting better and better.

That’s what I am. I don’t believe in Rebirth. I only believe in strategies to make myself happy. Happiness thru more happiness.One guy in his comments said that you can’t try to be happy. You can only discover that you are being happy at certain moments. Somehow I don’t want to believe that. Because I strife for happiness all the time and I try to make others happy too. Because happiness is contagious. I admit that I made mistakes of being judgmental. So now I try to be non-judgmental
In my strife for happiness I organize things. If things in my house are organized then I’m happy. The walls have to have colours which are nice and fashionable. I care a lot about estethics. I care a lot about plants in my garden. If they are happy then I’m happy as well. Once a year I have to go overseas=this gives me a lot of joy. Being in Poland I discover things of my youth. There are familiar sights, smells, sounds. Being mindful brings happiness as well. Mindfulness stops one’s brain from repeating the same things all the time. This requires attention which is a function you have to apply. So it requires action. Some sport gives happiness as well. If you make a very strong effort in a short time then you improve your mitochondria which is power plant in your every cell of your body.

Zupelnie zqapomnialem ze lekarz przepisal mi to w 2014. Pewnie juz niewazne = utracily waznosc. Ale nie czuje strachu wiec bede testowal. Napisane brac jedna rano. No coz jest wieczor. Jak dzialaja – to opowiem jutro. Ide spac.
Pada deszcz = no coz jest jesien. 🙂