Pls don’t despair. Even if things are as bad it does not help to dwell on them. We always have a wishful thinking that there is somewhere a good God who controls all of that ethically and that nature is beautiful and that it is reflection of a good and perfect God. But evolution is extremely cruel and all animals die in a cruel way. And not so long ago many women would die in a cruel way when giving child birth. We are only like ants. Yes nature is cruel and we are trying to make more humane. We placing ethics into the world. That’s why we have religions. But there is no evidence that ethics rule the world. It is all part of endless cycle. Chaos becoming order. Order becoming chaos. For the ethics to exist one needs to have a God.
As far as humans go they are microbial factories. Your health and emotional well being depends if you have a good strain of bacteria. If you don’t then faeces of a healthy person inserted in a capsule can be swallowed by ill person and that person becomes miraculously healthy and happy. So good pooing is very important . Another thing which makes one happy is sensory deprivation. The less you sense the better for you the happier you feel. I have to admit that it is hard for me to adjust in such way. However evidence of happiness of christian and buddhist monks is undeniable. I wish I had more sensory deprivation learned in my earlier life. Then I would have a better hang of it.
To end I don’t know if there is any point in despairing over the condition the world is in . One can always find a small niche where one can hide and hope that the things will improve. Good thoughts are contagious as well.

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