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What I meant was Do they know that we know?  In terms of thinking it depends what one consider as  a thinking process is?

Is adaptation meant to be due to thinking or is it thinking itself?  I don’t think that it is meant to be so simple as to decide what thinking is.

Wheather something is simple or complex is hard for one to decide. Sometimes we think it is simple but later on we decide it was not as simple as we thought and then it appears to be quite complex.

If there was a  god (God?) then everything would have a touch of god which would mean that everything was perfect and that is what some Christians keep emphasising.  But that is a wrong answear and it surprise me that people believe it to be right. Most things in nature are imperfect and because of that there is huge load of suffering in the world. And  if there was a God I would have hoped he would hve made things better way . Because what is a point of this huge suffering in nature?

Over the years I considered diseases to be mostly physical but recently I start changing my mind. I’ve got a long track of self-medicating myself which I know that doctors immensely dislike.   I’ve got a history of my immune system playing up and know that it is connected to our emotional system as any other disease. However when our local Buddhist monk/abbot said he keeps suffering from his hay-fever I thought it didn’t  make sense. Because if you keep meditating and are peaceful then I thought you wouldn’t experience any hay-fever.

Also they say that experiencing pain is a good thing because it warns us that there is something wrong with us. So  then I thought taking Panadol=paracetamoll or panadeine = (paracetamall+codeine) is useless because you only fool the monitor=your brain instead of treating the real problem which is the disease causing the pain.

Obviously if there is no cure for the disease causing us pain then why suffer.. There is no cure so at least one can alleviate the discomfort which is the  pain. But all is not so simple. There are many small side-ways which can direct us into new ways of helping ourselves. As we know nothing is stable and viruses and bacterias evolve and are on a constant move. Something which helps us today  like certain  antibiotic may not do it so as tomorrow the bacteria may have changed its DNA.  So everything is on constant move which means we have to be constantly vigilant.  I don’t go to see GP very often. Mainly because I’m often disappointed.  Also the doctors know that most patients keep talking crap and usually exaggerate their symptoms.

Bardzo trudno jest to wytlumaczyc w Polsce wiec nie mam zamiaru sie trudzic I wyjasniac o co tu chodzi. Z grubsza to od razu ludzie mysla ze probuje sie chwalic wiec lepiej niz nie mowic a wiedziec swoje.

Mialem dzis sympatyczny dzien.  Poniwaz  co jakis czas pada deszcz bo jest zima to skupiam sie na rozmnazaniu roslin. Tutejsi ludzie czesto nie wiedza ze niekiedy wystarczy ulamac kawalek rozliny, wlozyc do ziemi I ona puszcza korzenie. Jakbym chcial kupic tyle roslin co mam to bym zbankrutowal.  Tylko ze moje alergie powoduja ze specjalnie nie moge dotykac sie do roslin.

Kobiecina z Leczenia Ludowego mowila rok temu ze nie bede zadowolony z zzebow jakie sobie zrobie w Polsce  wiec cchcialbym je powiedziec ze jestem bardzo zadowolony I zeby wygladaja bardzo autentycznie.  Chyba chciala mi przysrac z zawisci.

Pracowanie do pozna lub zarywanie nocy moze doprowadzic do wypalenia sie mozgu – dowodza naukowcy. Niedobor snu powoduje ze komorki odpornosciowe w naszej glowie dzialaja na podwyzszonych obrotach. I oile w krotkim czasie niesie too pewne korzysci, w dluzszej perspektywie moze prowadzic do wielu chorob alzeihmera I innych zaburzen neurologicznych, a takze demencji.



P/N MI-1000-S
Product name High Density Negative Ion Generator – Medical Ion Mini
Negative ion generation method Air Ionization Electron Emission Method
(Pat No. PCT/JP2002/008541)
Material of radiation needle Virgin tungsten (99.999%)
Widest coverage 16.5 m2 (177 ft2) *1
Weight Approx.274g
Power 100-240VAC (50/60Hz)
Consumption power 4W or less
Dimensions W140xH80xD40 (mm) / W55.1XH3.1XD1.5 (inches)
Negative ion count (pcs/cc) Blow off point: 8,500,000+*2
1m away: 270,000+*3
Positive ion count (pcs/cc) Blow off point: 0*3
Output voltage DC -9.5kV
Ozone production 0.001ppm or less*4
Accessories ·110/240VAC compatible AC adaptor
·High sensitive ion detector
·Dry batteries
Made in Japan
Limited Warranty 1 year from the date of receipt
*1 Varies depending on the structure of the room, nearby electronic appliances, purification level of air, etc.
*2 Room temperature 23C, Humidity 30% R.H. Measured by a double coaxial cylinder type ion counter and our measurement method.
*3 Room temperature 23C, Humidity 30% R.H. Measured by a flat type ion counter and our measurement method.
*4 • IEC standard 32-1 of J60335-2-65 • measured at: 25C, 50% R.H. in a 7.45m2 (80 ft2) box after 24 hours running. (JAPAN QUALITY ASSURANCE ORGANIZATION)

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High Density Negative Ion Generator – Medical Ion Mini



Product Number: MI-1000-S
Product Name: High Density Negative Ion Generator – Medical Ion Mini
Product Name: High Density Negative Ion Generator – Medical Ion Mini
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Sources of PM2.5

PM2.5 can be found suspended in the air, including dust, dirt, smoke and liquid droplets. These fine particles come from man-made sources, such as the combustion of fossil fuels, open burning and industrial processes as well as natural ones, which include sea sprays and dust carried by strong winds.

Jeszcze nie dawno lekarze nie mieli swiadomosci ze cos takiego istnieje.