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Pls don’t despair. Even if things are as bad it does not help to dwell on them. We always have a wishful thinking that there is somewhere a good God who controls all of that ethically and that nature is beautiful and that it is reflection of a good and perfect God. But evolution is extremely cruel and all animals die in a cruel way. And not so long ago many women would die in a cruel way when giving child birth. We are only like ants. Yes nature is cruel and we are trying to make more humane. We placing ethics into the world. That’s why we have religions. But there is no evidence that ethics rule the world. It is all part of endless cycle. Chaos becoming order. Order becoming chaos. For the ethics to exist one needs to have a God.
As far as humans go they are microbial factories. Your health and emotional well being depends if you have a good strain of bacteria. If you don’t then faeces of a healthy person inserted in a capsule can be swallowed by ill person and that person becomes miraculously healthy and happy. So good pooing is very important . Another thing which makes one happy is sensory deprivation. The less you sense the better for you the happier you feel. I have to admit that it is hard for me to adjust in such way. However evidence of happiness of christian and buddhist monks is undeniable. I wish I had more sensory deprivation learned in my earlier life. Then I would have a better hang of it.
To end I don’t know if there is any point in despairing over the condition the world is in . One can always find a small niche where one can hide and hope that the things will improve. Good thoughts are contagious as well.


Poczytaj troche co to sa dobre bakterie a co zle bakterie.

Estimates actually put about 3/4 of our immune system activity in the gut and digestive tracts, which has recently refocused attention on the gastrointestinal system, particularly in relation to keeping us healthy. Not only that, it is strongly believed that the bacteria in your gut can even affect your metabolism, hormonal levels, and mood!

The composition of human gut microbiota changes over time, when the diet changes, and as overall health changes.[3][7] A systematic review from 2016 examined the preclinical and small human trials that have been conducted with certain commercially available strains of probiotic bacteria and identified those that had the most potential to be useful for certain central nervous system disorders.[8]

id you know we are only 10 percent human? Ninety percent of our cells are nonhuman, microbial cells. Since our diet influences our microbes, it’s true: We really are what we eat.

The good news is that you can cultivate a new microbiota, formerly known as gut flora, in just 24 hours—by changing what you eat. Bacteria that live in our intestinal tract, also known as gut bugs, flourish off of colorful, plant-based foods.

The latest studies on microbiota continue to show us how the process works, which explains why the mere mention of gut bacteria sparks conversations in both research labs and newsrooms.

Healthy gut bugs act like quarterbacks in our intestinal tracts: They call the shots and control the tempo by helping our bodies digest and absorb nutrients, synthesize certain vitamins, and rally against intruders, such as influenza and toxic cancer-forming carcinogens. In addition to boosting our immune system, microbiota sends messages to our brain and helps regulate metabolism.

Gut Bacteria Diet

Over time, microbiota forms colonies to combat obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, autoimmune disease, and even certain forms of cancer.

The bottom line: The more diversity you have in your gut bacteria, the better off you’ll fare in the long run.


Is There A Different Type Of Anxiety Pain?

Yes, there are several different kinds of pain caused by anxiety disorder. Examples of chronic pain induced by anxiety are muscle pain, chest pain, headache, abdominal pain, eye pain and joint pain. Pain induced by anxiety disappears after successful treatment of anxiety disorder.

How Does Anxiety Cause Chronic Pain?

Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) is an emotional disorder triggered by stress, fear and worry. Anxiety triggered by emotional sensations creates an imbalance in neurotransmitters and physiological changes in structure of pain receptors. Pain receptors are protein molecules. Physiological and pharmacological modulation of neurotransmitter and receptors causes change in behavior of neurotransmitter production and receptor sensitivity. Modified neurotransmitter and receptors in peripheral tissue, spinal cord and brain may respond to various stimulations as chronic pain. Dialogue between receptors, neurotransmitters and pain centers has to reset so that only biological pain signals are interpreted as pain. The physiological modulation of pain behavior can be reset to normal response by removing and treating anxiety disorder and modifying pharmacological influence.

I don’t know why it happens to me so easily? I must depend on it all the time.  I’m not sure if it is a gift?  But perhaps I look down on a lot of people. You see people get hypnotised all the time without realizing it. That’s what all the commercials depend on and that is how they work. It’s Goebels theory(Minister of Propaganda in Nazi Germany) that  if you listen to some propaganda constantly then a lie becomes a truth.

Basicalyll people believing in any type of religion get hipnotysed. So how did start and how it became necessary reality of our lives. Perhaps one should look into the history of all religions and analyse how they gradually became necessity of people’s lives. Even though I’m an atheist now In some part of my life I believed in Catholicism. I do humbly admit it. And I was so happy then. It only worried me if staying in heaven for ever and staring constantly at Jesus’s face for ever was to be so much interesting. Heaven in Islam is more fun. Every man does sex o 9 virgins constantly.

What I meant was Do they know that we know?  In terms of thinking it depends what one consider as  a thinking process is?

Is adaptation meant to be due to thinking or is it thinking itself?  I don’t think that it is meant to be so simple as to decide what thinking is.

Wheather something is simple or complex is hard for one to decide. Sometimes we think it is simple but later on we decide it was not as simple as we thought and then it appears to be quite complex.

If there was a  god (God?) then everything would have a touch of god which would mean that everything was perfect and that is what some Christians keep emphasising.  But that is a wrong answear and it surprise me that people believe it to be right. Most things in nature are imperfect and because of that there is huge load of suffering in the world. And  if there was a God I would have hoped he would hve made things better way . Because what is a point of this huge suffering in nature?

Czesto wydaje mi sie, ze ludzie sa albo zbyt ambitni w swych zyciach lub skupiaja sie na trywialnosciach.  Trudno jest mi powiedziec jakie powinno byc ïdealne”zycie? Moze idealne to zle slowo ale optymalne to tez niewlasciwy termin.

Tak wlasciwie to celem zycia jest wydanie potomstwa I to wszystko. Chociaz dla niektorych to za duzo. Aby stworzyc I wychowac potomstwo to potrzeba bardzo duzo energi choc niektorzy rodza potomstwo mimochodem I potem ono sie wychowuje I rosnie tez czesto mimochodem. Jakby kazdy podchodzil do tego tak kategorycznie to mielibysmy idealne spoleczenstwo.  Niekiedy myslenie zbyt idealistyczne za bardzo nie pomaga. Moze lepiej nie osadzac bo samemu nie jest sie osadzanym.

I can’t contribute anything meaningful in this discussion as I don’t have any slightest idea what the article is all about. But perhaps having such a low intelligence has its good sides. I don’t have to unnecessary worry about something which is incomprehensible to me. I will try to re-read it few times again but there could always be a danger that I would still not understand the main problem. Chaos and probability theory wasn’t my favourite subject in school.
As far as I notice when things are in chaos then there is demand for things to get organized. But when things are close to be organized then disaster happens and everything becomes chaotic again and after that it gets organized an so on and on. To me it is a formula for universe (universes) but why it happens I don’t know. If there was an answer to that question then we would know why Universe or universes exist. But It’s utterly futile for such explanation to the question why universe does exist. The god must be crazy or perhaps gets bored the same way as Zeus did as he would burn some people’s houses making a practical jokes when he did his play.
Where is an explanation for the question that when something is hot then it must get cold and when it is cold it must become hot. When some creature is alive then eventually it must get dead. And when something=some creature is dead one would automaticlly think that it must become alive again. When there is a darkness then there must be a light otherwise there would be no contrast and dark would not mean dark and light would not be light. Have I gone to far?