That’s what I am. I don’t believe in Rebirth. I only believe in strategies to make myself happy. Happiness thru more happiness.One guy in his comments said that you can’t try to be happy. You can only discover that you are being happy at certain moments. Somehow I don’t want to believe that. Because I strife for happiness all the time and I try to make others happy too. Because happiness is contagious. I admit that I made mistakes of being judgmental. So now I try to be non-judgmental
In my strife for happiness I organize things. If things in my house are organized then I’m happy. The walls have to have colours which are nice and fashionable. I care a lot about estethics. I care a lot about plants in my garden. If they are happy then I’m happy as well. Once a year I have to go overseas=this gives me a lot of joy. Being in Poland I discover things of my youth. There are familiar sights, smells, sounds. Being mindful brings happiness as well. Mindfulness stops one’s brain from repeating the same things all the time. This requires attention which is a function you have to apply. So it requires action. Some sport gives happiness as well. If you make a very strong effort in a short time then you improve your mitochondria which is power plant in your every cell of your body.