Martina: I think there are limits to conditioning and forcing emotions. (Explained here
I read that but I’ve got some problem with understanding your point of view. Do you want to warn people who try to believe that thinking positively will get them what they want because universe will be on their side then ?There was a movie about that.Forgot its name.
I’m trying to be positive all the time because I believe that my emotional intelligence is high enough to get me always out of trouble. I was looking after my wife in such way so that my emotional intelligence was extending her life as well. Once she went back to Poland to live on her own she died within seven months. I still wish I supervised her life in Poland to get her out of trouble. However I’m not a superman.
Dear Martina I don’t want to repeat useless empty phrases but Every night before going to bed I tell myself positive thoughts. I admit that it’s very hard to be perfectionist but I enjoy life and have a good joy out of it. Life is very challenging. Every day conditions change and I have to be on my guard but these challenges are fun> Solving them and adapting to them makes one’s life interesting.



terraustralis says:
February 24, 2017 at 1:55 pm

Martina I’m hoping to gain something from your personal philosophy but I don’t know what yet. I have to read more things to understand you. Have to see what idiosyncrathes ??? are/ 🙂 And I must read a little about Nietche. But Hitler was influenced by him. wasn’t he?

Martina says: I am looking at it from my own subjective “self” and everything I am interested in relates to us, living humans with our many flaws.
But to me it is the same as training monkeys (sorry for saying that but I couldn’t resist the temptation.
Most people live very repeatable pattern of life. It’s very boring and they have some excitement sometimes but even in that they exactlly similar to others. Like catholics in Poland they never sure if they really believe anything. Most of them never read or even tried to open a bible. Some would even don’t know what bible was. Even I wouldn’t know a lot as I stopped being Catholic when I was 16. When immaculate conception of Mary was mentioned I would understand that Mary became pregnant being a virgin. I thought that God made her pregnant in a mysterious way. But then my wife told me that immaculate conception meant that Mary didn’t have a sin from Adam and Eve taking an apple.So I don’t really know if Joseph had a sex with Mary and their son was Jesus.
If one reads certain things about early Christians then one finds out that they changed their religion as they pleased. They were at their throats when one side was saying there was one God only and the others were saying there were two Gods =The Father God and Jesus the son. They didn’t know how to reach compromise and then concept of triple? Father, Son and the Holy Ghost was created. Hardly any people know what it means but you either believe in it blindly or if you asked questions about it you could be sentenced to death then. There is also problem in identifining two Mary Magdalens = One who some say was a head of the church and the other who was a prostitute and Jesus got sensual pleasure from her placing an expensive oil on Jesus feet with her hair. And the founder of Christian faith was Paul. And it wasn’t a Paul Apostle. It was another Paul of later time who fought against Christians but then as he rode on his horse or donkey thru a desert he got a stroke from too much sun and got miraculesly converted to the most fervent believer. He travelled a lot to many countries spreading the faith. And he was a Jew as well. And eventually he was crucified as well. But if you asked any of current believers in Christianity hardly anybody would know what Paul we talking about. And if it wasn’t for him Christianity would collapse as small insignificant sect as there many of them at that time. People in The Middle East have tendency to create new religions as they live in a desert and one can have fatmorgana there and they get bored as well. And boredom results in new religions inventions.A lot of them are proud people and if they invent something new then they stick to it.So very few christians would know about Paul who got a stroke in a desert But he’s got very beautiful cathedral in London.
I’ve got some problem of explaining why Saint James was fighting a dragon (both Russians and English people believe in it) Is it some form of fantasy or is it real? I also have questions what was the infuence of Ancient Summers on Ancient Jewish people religion? I read a book by Zenon Kosidowski “”Öpowiesci biblijne” in which he was saying that Summers had the same religion as later Jewish people and that Jews copied it but changed names of all heroes to their own. But it was time of communism in Poland so they tried to influence people to be atheists.