Anony I like your comments and appreciate them. English is my learned language since I was 16 so I don’t necessarily get all your subtelities. But I understand your main point. You are basically saying that to achieve happiness is really hard and there many obstructions. Once when I was a catholic (=Christian) my obstruction was that I was going to die so one could say that the purpose of life was death. Also I imagined paradise to be hard to “live”place because you had to stare at God all eternity and that was boring. Also the concept of eternity was scary. I’m not a Buddhist. I only like the philosophy. Also sometimes I go to Buddhist’s temple to meditate. And the purpose is to achieve pleasure. And to get that I have to switch on all aspects (all senses)which introduce me to that happiness. It’s true that it is momentary happiness and it’s intensity stops the next day. But to get to that happiness I have to involve all senses. Even driving the car to the temple is part of the “hypnosis”. So the jorney is important because while I drive there is the same as f I was telling myself = I’m going there to achieve happiness. And having that thought is also important. So I could say you were right. 🙂 But the more you do certain thing the better results you get. It’s the same as learning to play some instrument. You have to do pretty hard work too become virtuoso (the perfect player). So basically what I’m telling myself every day I’m 62 and in the rest of my life I intend to be happy. I don’t go to pub for a drink and I don’t do a lot of things which people do for their happiness. I’m not 100% Buddhist but I like its philosophy It tells you how to live happily = be in the present moment. And to be in the present moment requires a lot of training. I shouldn’t promote Buddhism here as Martina is an Orthodox Christian and she is saying that as a Christian you can meditate as well a Buddhist and she is right but my journey with Christianity ended. I saw incredibly beautiful orthodox church in Belgrade (=Serbia) not so long ago. I even purchased the music which was played in that church. it’s very awesome.

I will not be beating around the bush and will tell you that happiness depend on certain hormones of which content can be analysed in a laboratory. But probably you knew it anyway.If you classify yourself as a hard case then you could be connected to certain device which (if unhappy thought appeared in your brain) would deliver an electric shock as a punishment for having unhappy thought. Nobody likes to be electrocuted so that might work on hard cases except masochists. There is also what you call „feed back” where your brain could be connected to some form apparatus and you would have some monitoring of your happiness = you try to move the scale (=clock) the more you would be happy the higher the scale ot the higher clocks move .Happiness is a vital thing to everybody. If you are unhappy then you attract all bugs=bacteria or viruses who try to be opportunist and kill you. So Happiness is an important thing. If you are unhappy you are less productive and the more unhappy individuals in certain country the less productivity there and the Gross Domestic Product is less. So Happiness is very important,

You are asking me about Buddhist illusion. Martina that’s very advanced philosophy. One gentleman who maybe was a monk before was explaining all of that to me. It took him half an hour but I still didn;t understand anything but I always nodded gently.. However I didn’t want to be unkind and say I didn’t understand.May be if I was a Buddhist I could understand more. Things get complicated there if there is an illusion of illusion. I’m not a philosopher Martina so certain things are not as clear as to you. If you really interested read more about Dependent Origination but from different perspectives of different authors. As to happiness I think you have happiness if you don’t suffer. As soon as suffering ends your happiness starts and we are talking about simple things like joy. And you are talking about happiness when buy perfume Channel 5. :)))
I ooffended our poor Buddhist abbott. I said that due to his meditationa he created some drugs in his brain. And he didn’t like it and said that I considered him to be a junkey. And he said in his sermons that he would never get angry. :))) cheers Martina
I suddenly realised I think I know the answer to your question in some way but not 100%.
It’s not that an illusion is created. Due to its conditionality and unwholesomeness nothing really exists. There is a gigantic emptiness !!!!!! And Christians are afraid of that as it doesn’t have any warmness of a Christmas time.But Martina do admit that that pholosphy created 500 years before Christ is really awesome. Also you know like we are built from atoms and all atoms have an electron circulating around the same as moon around the earth. And there has to be some space in atom so that the electron can circulate there. And it’s like that in all atoms in humans, animals and plants. And if there are empty spaces in all atoms then you Martina have only 20% of real Martina. And then take into account that you built mostly of water so if we take away water ffrom the calculation then may be there is 2% Martina in a whole Martina. And we took into account other formulas then may be we would end up with 0.2% Martina and that’s pretty close to that that you don’t really exist. But as the universe is bigger and bigger and limitless then it is limitless the other way = the samllnes never ends because there is always something smaller than the smallest you thought was . :)))
And I forgot to say about spaces between atoms = how closely they packed in between.