Happiness the Buddhist way as seen by Yuval Noah Harari

I’m not so sophisticated in my hypnosis. Many years ago I paid for 6 weeks non-dominational (not connected to any religion course of meditation. Then I discovered that I can do to my body what would I never believe that was possible. By sitting on a chair I told myself to be heavier and heavier and then at certain point unbelievable happened = I started falling in space – it really scarred me off first but it was so pleasant that I continued doing it.Once you start falling in space then nothing matters any more. You are free of any worries, Later on I started going to a Buddhist temple not as a believer = they provide free meditation. My journey with meditation continues. It is very reassuring that one can do to one’s body such a stunning things. There is such a potential. Actually people exploit that all over the world = all religions are based on that. But there are few hard core believers. If there were more of them then the so called “miracles” (=spiritual placebo effect) would happen more often. However people don’t often realize that what they doing is a pure meditation. Like old women in catholic church repeat prays to Jesus and Holy Mary like a mantra. It’s got different names but it is the same thing.
Also all Christmases and Easters are based on hypnotism as well. You hear carols and immediately your imagination does a trick for you = you get hypnotised. People need those times of silly happiness.
I live in Australia but I’m of Polish descend. During war my father was taken to a concentration camp because out 3 brothers he looked a bit Jewish even thou he wasn”t the one. He survived and was liberated by Americans but weighed only 30 kilos (he was 25 then I think. The purpose I’m saying this is so that nobody thinks I like Nazi. But you see the nature is very cruel because it favours only happy individuals. It seems to operate on such basis that if one is not happy individual then thru compromised immune system one is condemned to death. It is based on simple principle (which sounds cruel = I’m not a nazi) that there is limited space in nature and everything is based on economy in such way that the world is only for happy individuals. If one happens not to be happy then it’s better to kill unhappy one and replace it with happy one – I know its is very cruel and that is why I told you about my father. But nature is not governed by ethics. And that’s the reason why people keep inventing religions to have the illusion that the nature is governed by ethics even though it is not.
My regards.
Meditation = Placebo effect = hypnosis I like them all = it’s good fun. Imagine how many resources could be saved in such a simple way.

Martina says I don’t believe that Buddhists favour a shorter life.
I know it doesn’t but doesn’t it make sense to die off if life is a suffering. I know that suicide is forbidden on ethical ground. It is the same with Christianity. If they really believed in afterlife and paradise then they would not be so scarred of dyeing. But no religion follows any logic. 🙂 I was once a catholic. 🙂

Martina says: However, it may be a starting point of a journey into philosophy – which it was for me!

Philosophy!!! it scares me off = it is so complicated and I like things to be simple. I tried to read Kant but I’ve got no idea what he is all about.
The last thing = if one’s brain can produce anything then perhaps it can produce a heroine as well and one can overdose on that which could be some form of enlightment??? But what purpose would it serve????
Nice day in Western Australia today = the sky and ocean are blue. I forgot to talk about conditioning. Conditionig is also some form of hypnosis