Thanks for your comments. I’m so sorry but your comment is very subtle and that makes it non understandable for me. Hit me harder please.:)
I strongly believe that one can make himself/herself happy on purpose. If you really try and if you are physically and mentally sound and if you don’t make yourself wishfully unhappy then happiness is around the corner..You see that due to your comment of not being able to be happy at certain moment you basically sabotage yourself. However I can console you that everybody’s subconsciousness doesn’t accept negative comments. So if you are saying: I can’t be happy =that doesn’t go into your subconsciousness. You have to say for example: I’m going to be unhappy because it suits me.
You have to fool your subconsciousness get what you want.
As long as you have enough money to support yourself and you happy with your partner and you don’t suffer from any disease then as long as you control all your thoughts and make them less then you can deliver happiness unconditionally or conditionally but the condition to be happy haS to be reachable. You can’t say I’m going to be happy only when I win lotto. So if you are mindful then there is no obstacle against being happy. Be realistic and don’t feed things which will sabotage your happiness.
Perhaps I wrote things which will sabotage somebody’s happiness as it is not very comprehensible.
So my conclusion is : Happiness is a natural state for anybody. Unhappiness is a malfunction of your mind. So try to mend it and be happy.
Small remark Do you know that if you are unhappy your heart doesn’t work properly? I had a small device registering rythm of my heart for 24 hours and then a psyhiatrist having analyzed data said that that device was showing a heart beat pattern of person who suffers from depression. So here you go. If you depressed then all unvoluntary funcions of your body don’t work properly. So if your opinion is that happiness is incidental then you sabotage your body and it malfunctions.Ask aged Chinese who do Tai Chi every morning if they happy. Happiness is a state which you have to nourish every day. First try small things which make you happy and once you establish yourself on a road to happiness don’t be so much ambitious. Note every small step on a road to become happy.
I also like incidental happiness as ypu do = because it is like sex = it doesnt last very long. so I’m not interested in such happiness in a long run.
So I’m talking about other happiness.= one which is more durable.When you meditate or pray in any other religion then you associate that with pleasure and this why people believe in God. But even if you an atheist (non believer) you can still get some pleasure from mindfulness and meditation and once you have a that pleasure you become happy. And you become hooked on that. and diminish your ego. People who forget their ego and sacrifice themselves for others are known to be very happy.
Also there is a custom that people who extremely happy don’t say it. But if you observe them they’re so happy that they don’t have to admit that they are happy. Their happiness radiates and is contagious. 🙂