I started thinking about what you said that Buddhism doesn’t explain what purpose of life is? The main canon (main thought ) in I Buddhism is Dependant Origination which is both complex and also simple. I’m sure you know that but I will repeat it anyway. Nothing in this world is real =wholesome due to it’s conditionality. like there is a rainbow in the sky but we only experience it because our eyes are constructed in such way that we can see and experience it. Dogs don’t see too many colours but parrots see ultra violet which we can’t see. So nothing in the world is real (wholesome) because it doesn’t have true essence. So everything in the world is an illusion. So we don’t really exist. But if we don’t exist then who suffers? Who is the sufferer?. And why rebirth is mentioned as a fact if one illusion becomes next illusion. If everything is an illusion why should I worry about anything? I can rest and say nothing bothers me because it is meant to be an illusion and if one illusion gives re-birth to another illusion so what the hec? But this consoling universal concept is interrupted by ethics. And my understanding of this universal concept is not very good. Because there are too many illusions.
But my Buddhist abott would say that purpose of life is the ultimate happiness. The happiness comes in stages and is reinforced. It’s the happiness thru happiness and more happiness. The Happiness is my ultimate goal and so is yours no matter what religion you follow Martina. The purpose of life is happiness.
Martina I’m trying to read all your posts but I’m having difficulty… the post where you classify each religion and philosophers…like you say Buddhism =life has a meaning but it is ambiguous . Ambiguous in what way?
You see I believe (wrong word) I know that our minds are like hard drives. It can be supported by hypnosis = so it must be true. ?? 🙂
All our smells, visions, touches, tastes, hearings of each day of our lives get recorded in our subconscience. So the older we are the more we are like robots as our decisions are based on those recordings in our heads. Now how well we use all this data depends upon our emotional (operational) intelligence. Some of that collected data can work against our interest as subconscience is like a rubbish dump.. Some our life experiences are good, some are not. One can’t remove any data as one doesn’t have an access to subconscience. You may try by repeating some affirmations. But it is only a hypnotiser who can do it successfully. So basically what I’m saying is that we are robots = we don’t differ from computers. Some computers have better working frequency (forgot a name for it) Other computers are slower. And it is exactly the same with people. All people have in their brains this incredible ballast and the decision of an adult is really only dependent on how quickly that person takes into account all his past life experiences and how quickly he/she (his/her brain) analyses them and makes decision = that’s operative intelligence. They would be other factors to be taken into account. For example a person had to make similar decision in his past life and he made a wrong decision then. So it is also important his brain takes into account the other time hurting mistake. If it hurt really bad then then his brain would recall that then it was really hurtful for him. And that could influence his new decision after analysing all his data in his brain. Obviously there other factors – like we have some likes and dislikes but that is also the same with computers. They would always go first to what you searched recently. If it was porn then the first thing the computer would automatically go would be porn again and that is the same with people brains =they have likes and dislikes the same way.
So Martina where does this “philosophy”takes me to? 🙂
I’m not a Buddhist but I think that Buddha accepted all Hindu gods but he didn’t mentioned them too well. But it is the same with Christianity. Some Christians mention Old Testament frequently others not. How would classify my “believe? = my “philosophy” please 🙂
I read a bit about Seneca and stoicism but it is all based on humans. Will it be relevant when humans die out like dinosaurs? They have to die out as there too many and nature always solves its problems by itself. It’s always chaos but also always trend to organize things. Does a god do it? So how come he didn’t succeed for so long? Buddha said that gods also suffer because of their existence. So if Hindu god suffers =he/she god isn’t really usefull, is he or she god?
Thanks Martina for explaining it so clearly to me. You see what I know about Buddhism comes from a local Buddhist abbot and his teachings and he was influenced by Ajahn Chah form Thailand. First I was really impressed when I listened to his talks/sermons but later on I discovered that he kept repeating the same stories over ad over. However I still like his writings.
So my simplified understanding of Buddhism was that life had no value as it was all suffering. A lot of people confuse Buddhism with Hindu religion. There is no reincarnation in Buddhism. They have REBIRTH which means that the same personal identity is reborn over and over. So if Dalai Lama dies then they start looking for him amongst kids by presenting them with personal belongings of the deseased Lama and if certain child picks up the object which belonged to the deseased Lama then they recognize the deseased Lama in that child. So in that respect it is a personal Buddha like personal Jesus is. So the tibethan Buddhism is so popular between Polish people as in some aspects is similar to Christianity. Some Buddhists have even Mother of God like Mary. It’s called Boddisatwa or something like that. I think it was Shoppenhauer who created his philosophy based on Buddhism’s ideas.
The local Buddhist abbot Ajahn Bramavamso (he is of English origin) believes that if you follow Buddha teachings then gradually you upgrade yourself from happy state to happier and happier again. I admit that Buddhist monks are happier beings but on the other end I believe that when they keep on meditating they pretend not to be alive (non existant) as that is the ultimate goal (but that’s my cynism)