I am not able to express myself as eloquently as all above however I’d like to say that I use meditation as a form of self-hypnosis They say that one always hypnotises himself/herself and the hypnotiser is only a facilitator. So thru meditation I produce endorphins in my brain and the more I practise the more endorphins/serotonine/dopamine I produce in my brain. I know that what I’m saying is sacrilidge to Buddhism but I’m an atheist who likes Buddhism. As we all know our brains can perform miracles. The more we believe in something the more chance of a miracle. If I believe that my broom will cure my cancer (I don’t have one = it’s just an example) the more chance of „miraculous cure”. However believing that my broom will do it is hard to believe. It’s more „realistic” ifwe believe that some saint will do it So if I use meditation for a sensual pleasure am I condemned in the Buddhist world? I think that in Therevada they believe: Reach Nirvana first for yourself and by doing it you save humanity. But in Mahayana they say First help others obtain Nirvana which is similar to Christianity. All religions are based on idealism. Alleged Jesus was not a Christian but a follower of Judaism who wanted to revolutionise Judaism. The same with Buddha who was a follower of Hiduism (he wasn’t a buddhist) who wanted to revolutionise Hinduism. Sorry Ididn’t mean to offend anybody. I meditate to hypnotise myself. Where does this put me??? I don’t want to meditate in order to save the world. If I meditate and produce endorphins/serotonine/dopamine then I get the pleasure and all beings are created to feel pleasure. I f one doesn’t feel pleasure then ones immune system becomes weaker and consequently one dies off.