Thanks for explaining it so clearly to me. You see what I know about Buddhism comes from a local Buddhist abbot and his teachings and he was influenced by Ajahn Chah form Thailand. First I was really impressed when I listened to his talks/sermons but later on I discovered that he kept repeating the same stories over ad over. However I still like his writings.
So my simplified understanding of Buddhism was that life had no value as it was all suffering. A lot of people confuse Buddhism with Hindu religion. There is no reincarnation in Buddhism. They have REBIRTH which means that the same personal identity is reborn over and over. So if Dalai Lama dies then they start looking for him amongst kids by presenting them with personal belongings of the deseased Lama and if certain child picks up the object which belonged to the deseased Lama then they recognize the deseased Lama in that child. So in that respect it is a personal Buddha like personal Jesus is. So the tibethan Buddhism is so popular between Polish people as in some aspects is similar to Christianity. Some Buddhists have even Mother of God like Mary. It’s called Boddisatwa or something like that. I think it was Shoppenhauer who created his philosophy based on Buddhism’s ideas.
The local Buddhist abbot Ajahn Bramavamso (he is of English origin) believes that if you follow Buddha teachings then gradually you upgrade yourself from happy state to happier and happier again. I admit that Buddhist monks are happier beings but on the other end I believe that when they keep on meditating they pretend not to be alive (non existant) as that is the ultimate goal (but that’s my cynism)